Why Choose Us?

A nature aquarium is a truly a unique combination of both art and a living ecosystem. It captures the essence of nature using a combination of rock, wood, and live aquatic plants to create an aquascape that is then accented with fish. We all live such busy lives. We don't often pause to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. Aquascaping allows us to capture a piece of the beauty and truly care for it an appreciate it. 

At Cuboid Nature Aquarium you can build your aquascape from the ground up, plot your aquascape in our sand dojo before choosing the living elements like plants and fish that will also go into your aquarium.

It can be as simple, or as complex, as you'd like to make it and we're happy to help you every step of the way.

About Us

Harvey Fell

store owner

Owning an aquatic store has been a life long dream of mine that started when I was young with a family owned pet business. Now, almost 50 years later, here we are in Peddlers Village.

I am so happy we found this cool little shop while we were in Lahaska today. My daughter and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful fish. The owner is very knowledgeable and personable, he takes the time to show you all the unique fish he has in his shop. Definitely a hidden gem! We will be back to visit next time we are back in town.


Cuboid Nature Aquarium is not your typical Peddler’s Village Shop and is located across from the FresCafe. This shop displays and offers various size nature aquarium tanks and the supplies to create your own aquascape with living plants, wood, rocks, and of course beautiful freshwater fish. When we visited the shop they had a wonderful selection of uniquely colored Betta fish. The owner Harvey Fell was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his shop which made our visit enjoyable. We will be back.

Mitch Phyllis

Awesome owner and shop!! It is so hard to find a clean, local fish shop that has healthy and unique fish, but now I have found the hidden gem. So lucky to have this store nearby. The owner, Harvey really took the time to help my boyfriend and I out. He is very passionate/ caring of what he does. Can’t wait to go back!! Thanks for helping us, Harvey!

Amy Ip

fantastic selection of fish and plants. great hobbyist store. Harvey stocks the species that you actually want to buy. The store is beautiful. Great looking displays and very nice livestock tanks.

Dave Van Bramer


100 Peddlers Village Shop #12, Lahaska PA 18931

Cuboid Nature Aquarium